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Welcome to Drifter Adwait, a blog dedicated to exploring the rich heritage of ancient sculptures and architectural marvels around the world. We aim to inspire and inform travelers who share our passion for history, art, and culture.

My name is Adwait Karajagi, and I’m the founder of this blog. I’ve been fascinated by sculptures and ancient temples and spent countless hours studying and admiring these masterpieces of human creativity. Over the years, I’ve visited many countries and explored various ancient sites, temples, and ruins with a keen eye for the beauty and symbolism of their art and architecture.

Through my studies of the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas, and Puranas, I discovered the rich symbolism and meanings behind the sculptures in Hindu temples. Each carving, statue, and painting is a visual representation of a story, an emotion, or a message from our ancient scriptures. By understanding the context and symbolism of these sculptures, we can gain a deeper appreciation of our cultural heritage and the wisdom of our ancestors.

Through Drifter Adwait, I hope to inspire others to explore the world around them and discover the beauty and wisdom that lies within. I hope to share my experiences and insights with fellow travelers and enthusiasts through this blog. Whether you’re planning a trip to a new destination or simply curious about the history and culture of a particular region, you’ll find plenty of interesting stories and valuable tips here.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you enjoy exploring the world of Bharatiya Architecture and fascinating stories with me!

A little about the author Adwait Karajagi:

Meet Adwait Karajagi, a resident of the greatest Punyanagari and owner of a personality so impressive that if you spot him in a crowd, you’ll want to double-check your wallet’s still there. After completing his B.Pharm degree (finally!), Adwait was sent packing to America for higher education. There, he earned a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from a prestigious university – and, of course, taught the Americans a thing or two along the way.

After blowing all his money on travel, Adwait returned to India and settled into a corporate job, accumulating management experience from a variety of (read: one) multinational companies. But then, the writing bug bit him – hard. He started a blog called drifteradwait.com, where he shared his passion for travel and ancient architecture and delved into the stories behind the sculptures adorning Hindu temples.

As he honed his writing skills, Adwait became increasingly interested in the craft until he realized that he couldn’t ignore his true calling any longer. So he took a leap of faith and left his corporate gig to become a full-time writer – and luckily landed a job with an American company as a content writer.

Now, Adwait spends his days crafting stories that combine his love of travel and Indology with his irreverent sense of humor. And suppose you’re lucky enough to meet him in person. In that case, he’ll regale you with tales of his travels, his adventures in the corporate world, and the mysterious messages hidden within the ancient sculptures of Hindu temples. Just be sure to keep a tight grip on your senses.

The writer is a man of many passions – from petting strange animals to watching TV until his eyes hurt, hitting the gym and chatting about exercises instead of doing it, and even indulging in a bit of library chit-chat instead of reading. He’s a firm believer in the Charvaka motto of “anam kritva ghritam pibet” – in other words, live it up and take every possible measure for fun. He even worked in an American hotel to fund his travels – now that’s dedication!

Speaking of travel, the author has some serious wanderlust. He’s completed the Narmada Parikrama on a bicycle, all by himself (though Maiyya accompanied him for most of the time, taking care of him). The author has lived in Yellowstone National Park at minus twenty-five degrees Celsius and the Grand Canyon at fifty degrees Celsius, yet is as undifferentiated as stone. Sure, he’s lived in the Amazon rainforest too, but let’s just say the animals weren’t exactly thrilled about it.

These days, Adwait Karajagi can be found riding his trusty Access 125 along with his wife (fearless that she is) around Karnataka, and Maharashtra, obsessing over temples and Murti Shastra and writing about them on a whim. It’s a truly unfortunate thing that India may not yet know what a great personality it’s missing out on.

The author dedicates this blog to his hopeful wife, patient parents, and the all-auspicious soil of Maharashtra.

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