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The bliss of Solitude

नर्मदे हर ! हर नर्मदे!! Narmada Parikrama by cycle

Narmada Parikrama Narmada river is one of the biggest rivers in India. This westbound river mainly flows through Madhya Pradesh and Gujraat States creating life and wealth where ever it flows. In Hindu culture, Narmada or Rewa considered washing the sins of Hindus much before Bhagiratha brought Ganga on earth. Along with ancient heritage sites like Bhimbetka, where you can see prehistoric stone paintings and Tigers from Kanha National park, Narmada hosts many holy places like divine Temples and serene ghats such as Jabalpur, Amarkantak, Omkareshwar, Hoshangabaad, Harda, Maheshwar etc. Since ancient times, sadhus have circumambulated this holy River starting and ending at the same point crossing dense rain forests, hills, deserts and swamps by feet. It is considered as one of the hardest pilgrimage in the world. Rules for performing Narmada Parikrama: The one who undertakes Parikrama is called as Parikramavasi. During Narmada Parikrama, Parikramavasi must not cross  the river, even he should not go to the islands also. The main object of  Narmada Parikrama is not only to complete a adventurous and spiritual journey but also to clean the garbage hidden within us. So every Parikramavasi should try to speak true, maintain mental satisfaction at all the time and behave good to all and worship NARMADA  MATA at every morning and evening. During  Narmada Parikrama Parikramavasi should always try to walk by the side of the river NARMADA and walk taking the river at his right hand. He should not go very far from the river, but due to geographical cause none can do so. If any Parikramavasi become bound to go far from the holy river NARMADA, he should worship the water taken from the holy river in pot. During  Narmada Parikrama, Parikramavasi should walk bare footed and must not carry food for more than two days in advance. He should…